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Chicago Finally Has Its Own Late Night Talk Show

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We had no idea that Chicago was deprived of local talk show love. While the Oprah (@oprah) (Queen of the talk show) holds court on the national stage, Chicago has apparently been void of local talk show productions (odd, but so is life).

Every void will be filled by someone. Steven Saltzman steps up to the plate and swings mightily, taking on both producer and hosting rolls in Chicago’s first-ever late night talk show “Good Night Chicago Show” which airs every Friday night at 12:35 a.m. on CBS 2 in Chicago.

The half hour, late night talk show is meant to be a conduit for discussion with big Hollywood talent visiting the Windy City for pleasure or business (a film shooting on location). Like a standard late night talk show, “Good Night Chicago” features celebrity interviews, musicians and comedians. He even has the required late night band “Daryl Stuermer & His Band” (Stuermer was a guitarist for Genesis and Phil Collins).

The show is the brainchild of Saltzman who interviewed celebrities regularly on his website An actor with 20 years in front of the camera who idolized Johnny Carson growing up, Saltzman has some stiff competition. His show will air opposite national late talk shows “Last Call with Carson Daly” (@carsonjdaly) on NBC and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC. That could present a problem. Saltzman’s show is going to rely on the loyalty of locals to stick with him (even when the national late night talk shows have A-List celebs consistently while he’s likely to get them occasionally).

Still, he’s off to a good start. The production is slick and professional-looking enough and the band is good. He’s got a likeable quality (not too annoying or cheesy but just-cheesy-enough to host a late night talk show). The pilot (which debut July 3rd) featured actors Frank Vincent (”The Sopranos”) who tells a story about getting shot “on a toilet seat”, Alec Baldwin and legendary Tony Curtis. Not bad at all (but for the love of god, they should get rid of that silly-looking desk Saltzman sits behind ASAP — a standard desk please).


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