Daryl Stuermer & His Band

Guitarist for Genesis & Phil Collins

Daryl Stuermer grew up on the south side of Milwaukee Wisconsin where he began playing guitar at age 11.

Early pop and rock influences such as Elvis Presley, The Ventures and later on, The Beatles were instrumental in shaping his musical style and direction. As a teenager, studying the solos of jazz guitarists such as Howard Roberts, Wes Mongomery, and Joe Pass provided more challenge for the self taught musician. In the late 60s - early 70s, his influences soon turned to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Larry Coryell and John McLaughlin.

During a 1975 tour date in Milwaukee, Frank Zappa's keyboardist George Duke, sat in with Daryl's band Sweetbottom, at a local night club. Later that year, Duke recommended Daryl for an audition in Los Angeles with jazz violinist, Jean-Luc Ponty. At age 22, Daryl went on his first world tour and recorded four albums with Jean-Luc Ponty.

In December 1977, Daryl met with Genesis member Mike Rutherford in New York City to audition for the role of guitarist/bassist for the upcoming "And Then There Were Three" tour. This began a 20 year relationship with Genesis that Phil Collins defined as a "permanent-temporary-part-time member."

When Genesis singer/drummer Phil Collins formed his own group in 1982, he selected Daryl as lead guitarist and made him a "permanent-touring-recording member." In addition to touring, Daryl has played on all of Collins solo albums and shares writing credits on numerous Grammy winning albums.

Daryl's co-writes with Phil Collins includes: "Something Happened On the Way To Heaven," "I Don't Wanna Know," "Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore," and "Only You Know and I Know."

In between touring with both Genesis and The Phil Collins Band, Stuermer began writing and working on his own music. After finishing the 1987 Genesis "Invisible Touch" tour, he took the opportunity to record his first solo instrumental album, "Steppin' Out" on GRP Records. His new album is entitled, “Go.”

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Daryl Stuermer releases new solo album, his first with an international record company.